Mod Menu v0.5.4

Welcome to the update 0.5.4 of my mod menu

What’s new?

  • Added reverse percentage
  • Added a new section to customize gameplay stats
  • Added TPS: Allow you to see how many taps you make while playing in 1 second
  • Added Click dalay: Allow you to see the delay between every tap
  • Added Run info: Allow you to see from what percentage you have placed the checkpoint/startpos
  • Added the ability to change the transparency of every gameplay stats
  • Added the ability to change the positon of every gameplay stats
  • The menu will now automatically place all the gameplay stats for you
  • Added volume reset if you cant modify it
  • Added the hitbox mod
  • added the ability to hide the player hitbox
  • added the coins finder (basically it will show where the coins are with a line)
  • Added the ability to see the hitbox only when you die
  • Added the 2.2 colours palette
  • Added the ability to disable parts of the menu


I am not responsible for any data loss

*High: Geometry dash with the mod menu and high graphics, can lag on some device

*Medium: Standard Geometry Dash with the mod menu

Update previews

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