Mod Menu v0.4

Welcome to the update 0.4 of my mod menu

What’s new?

  • added no wave pulse
  • added trasparent background
  • added trasparent lists
  • added Main Menu static background
  • added Main Menu animated background
  • the graphics page is now removed and you can change graphics easily with the option in the Menu
  • added keep clipboard
  • Fixed the save issue when you change texturepack
  • Now the game always save so it should never make you lose data
  • Song id bypass (you can input more than 7 digit in the newsgrounds song)
  • added physics bypass
  • added an fps counter
  • custom position of the fps counter
  • added the ability to chose between 3 type of rgb
  • added the ability to apply the rgb to only the first/second or both colors
  • you can now customize the transition time
  • added icon kits
  • fixed a bug that reset the icons if you dont have them unlocked
  • you will now see the decimal point when you type a decimal value
  • rgb glow now work well
  • added a save manager to backup or restore your data


I am not responsible for any data loss

*high: Geometry dash with the mod menu and high graphics, can lag on some device

*Medium: Standard Geometry Dash with the mod menu

Update previews

6 thoughts on “Mod Menu v0.4

  1. El mod por haci decirlo es bueno pero faltaría algo chido es que tenga una opción de FASBOT para practicar un nivel y como vayas avanzando que la inteligencia artificial del juego se complete sólo, como es el jugador FNM04. SI NO SABEN A QUE ME REFIERO SOLO BUSQUEN FNM04 Y PUES YA ME COMPRENDARAN.

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