How to use NONGS

What is a nongs?

A nongs is a non newsground song

Basically this mod allow you to use any song even the one not allowed on gd or songs that are not even added in the newsground catalogue

How to use it?

  • Download any song from any website
  • Using a file manager rename the song to any id you like (example: 637289.mp3)
  • Also using a file manager, place the song in ˋGDmods/Songsˋ
  • Open GD, and open up the mod menu
  • Go down to the Utility Mods page
  • Turn on “Load songs from phone memory”
  • Play the level, and you’ll hear the song

Tutorial made by Jaid

15 thoughts on “How to use NONGS

  1. I meant I cant find a sip file of a texture pack only apk texture pack
    Please tell me what am doing wrong

  2. Hello, I have a xiaomi redmi 9c and the tutorial does not work for me, I would like you to find a way to make this tutorial work in xiaomis, please, it is boring to play without the songs

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