How to install a texturepack?

Simple guide that explain how to install a texturepack!

What do you need?

  1. The mod menu
  2. An apk file with a texturepack inside. (You can find them by simply serching any texturepack for android on youtube)
  3. A file manager. (Of Any kind. I use Es File manager but you can use any file manager you like)

Let’s start!

  1. Move the apk you have downloaded inside GDmods -> apks
1 2 3

2. Open the mod menu and go under the “TexturePacks” page

3. Click “Install Texturepack”

4. Select the texturepack you have moved inside the apks folder

5. Wait the installation to finish

6. Once finished, press close.

7. Now select the new added texturepack in the list

8. Done!

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