Mod Menu v0.3

Welcome to the update 0.3 of my mod menu

What’s new?

  • lot of crashes fixed
  • Ghost Death
  • Hide attempts Text
  • Level info changer
  • No Particles now work for everything
  • Free fly mod
  • Change the x and y position of the progress bar
  • Settings page with mod menu customization


I am not responsible for any data loss

*high: Geometry dash with the mod menu and high graphics, can lag on some device

*Medium: Standard Geometry Dash with the mod menu

Want to support this project and access constant private betas?

Just join my patreon with a small support!

(i will thank you at the begininng of every video i make!)

31 thoughts on “Mod Menu v0.3

  1. Está re bueno, pero aveces me pasa que cuando salgo del juego no guarda lo que hice, osea inicio, me pasó un Demon, me salgo, entro y ese Demon sigue como si no me lo hubiera pasado, nose, me da miedo XD, pero todo lo demás, uffffff

  2. beautiful and could you put the noclip accuracy but with more decimal places? it would be very cool

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