New mod menu

After a long wait finally my biggest project is here!


Download here :

Written tutorial:

Song from sdcard:
The game will create a folder called GDmods
inside this folder you need to put every song you want GD to overwrite
for example:
If you want to change the menu music you need to put an mp3 called menuLoop.mp3
for online song you need to put [songID].mp3  for example   53213.mp3
(this will allow you to load also banned songs)

Texturepack Manager:
1st method: direct installation
You need to place a Texturepack inside GDmods/Texturepacks   (only the resources folder (with a name you want to get in the game) with medium quality)
2nd method: apk installation
This allow you to extract Texturepacks from apks
You need to place any apk you want inside GDmods/apks  and in the menu go to
next click install
than select the apk inside the list on the right
(You cant use the menu while installing a new tp)

Big thanks to Zimnior12 for the mod testing and bugfixing
Blaze for Better Ship physics:
HJfod for the awesome menu effect :
Sai for rainbow icons help:

DISCLAIMER: This is only for fun. Just to play something different.
I dont support GD piracy and i will never do!
Android :
Steam :
Keep in mind the if you buy the game you can get more update and support the game you love!
If you are RobTop please contat me at
I dont have problem to remove any of my content.

Join my discord :
for direct support and more

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